Republic Mauritius

The Republic of Mauritius wants to play a similar role in Africa to that of Singapore in Asia: a centre of excellence for financial and professional services.

Our practice is therefore centred around the following areas:

  • Company and personal income tax law
  • Wealth management, including trusts
  • Property law

We advise our clients on company tax and wealth tax in Mauritius, including property tax.

We help our clients to structure their activities in Mauritius and Africa by exclusively using domestic companies subject to Mauritian tax, excluding offshore companies (e.g. GBL1 or GBL2 licences; new Authorised Companies). We use tax treaties signed by Mauritius and internal Mauritian legislation on tax credit to avoid double taxation and minimise the tax burden on cross-border transactions.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Company and personal income tax law
  • Import – Export and Exchange Control
  • Problems related to subcontracting
  • Private pension funds
  • Property law

Since 2010, we have been advising our clients operating in the DRC on how to structure their activities in accordance with their obligations related to contributions and declarations in the DRC. We pay particular attention to non-residents tax and VAT concerning services provided from abroad to Congolese companies.

We also advise economic operators in the DRC on matters as diverse as insurance law, the creation of pension funds for companies, exchange control, compliance with anti-money laundering regulations and the rules on subcontracting.

Our approach is rigorous in regard to the rules and very pragmatic in a difficult and changing legal and fiscal environment.

Wealth taxation of residents of African countries

In regard to wealth taxation, we have developed a practice along two axes:

  • Firstly, we advise individuals resident in African countries on how to structure their wealth and investments;
  • Secondly, we advise financial institutions (banks and insurance companies) established outside of these countries on the rules enabling them to establish contractual relationships with African residents and on the tax obligations of their clients who are residents in Africa and, directly or indirectly, hold funds abroad.

Belgium - Tax on stock exchange transactions and tax on securities accounts

Since 2017, Belgian residents who hold securities accounts abroad have been required to declare and pay the Tax on Stock Exchange Transactions (TOB). Since 2019, the same obligations also apply to the Tax on Securities Accounts (TCT).

Joyn Legal Mauritius has special expertise on these subjects and provides services and assistance with the analysis of taxable transactions and declarations.

These services are generally provided to banks wanting to offer its clients residing in Belgium a flexible and effective solution to ensure compliance with the relevant legal obligations.

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