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There are technological innovations in every line of business. There is the growing digitisation of business relationships, the use of personal data for commercial purposes, increasingly rapid means of information and communication, the development of connected objects and the subsequent questions of responsibility.

Within our department, we believe that these innovations are an opportunity that must be grasped for the development of bold and innovative activities. They also bring their share of risks and uncertainties, in terms of both assessment and control.

Aware of the constant rise of technological considerations, we have developed a specialised practice in the context of which our mission is to apply our expertise to encourage the creativity of our clients and enable them to use this creativity with complete peace of mind.

This practice is exercised in close collaboration with our corporate law department, having regard to the increasingly inseparable links between these two fields.

Whether you are an audiovisual company, a telecommunications operator, a film producer, an advertising agency, a start-up, an event organiser, a museum or an ingenious private individual, the quality of the service we provide is our raison d’être.

Media law

Media law covers the public information occupations and those in entertainment (journalists, TV and radio presenters, their teams, etc.), in regard to both their physical productions and on-line activities.

The new technologies, through the rapid evolution of means of communication, have expanded their area of application, which now extends to people, even non-professionals, who operate as bloggers, influencers, youtubers, etc.

In this area, our expertise covers conflict prevention measures (concerning prequalified acts of slander, libel, breach of copyright, breach of journalistic ethics, etc.), and their resolution out of court or before the Council of Journalistic Ethics or the courts.

  • Pierre Legros

ICT law

  • François Libert

Protection of personal data

Our expertise in this field, among others, concerns compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union and all related issues (impact analysis, processing registers, the duties of the Data Protection Officer, complaints to the National Control Authority, claims for damages, etc.).

  • Stéphane Rodrigues
  • François Libert


On-line business has developed exponentially, bringing with it a number of specific features, along with questions such as the issue of digitisation, which characterises it.

Whether you are a business seeking to market goods securely and comply with numerous rules on the subject or a consumer who wants to exercise their rights after a problematic transaction, we have a team trained to meet these different needs.

  • François Libert

Intellectual property law

The protection of creativity and innovation, and of the works and inventions produced by the same, is a key condition for the development of healthy and sustainable companies.

We assist you with all stages of the protection of your intellectual property rights, from the preparatory phase to litigation: advice at the conception phase, registration of trademarks or patents and all questions related to copyright, prohibitory injunctions, proceedings and claims in the event of damage caused by a violation of your rights, etc.

  • François Libert

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