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Our transport law department advises transport companies and its passengers or users in the event of difficulties or litigation arising during their journey, as well as in the context of the transport of goods. It also assists shippers, agents, logistics specialists, vehicle renters, airports, and express carriers.

Our competences cover transport by road, river, sea and air.

We also act in the following areas:

Compensation of passengers following a delay, loss of luggage, or flight cancellation

Transport contracts, breach of contract, direct action, subcontracting

Transport of goods, loss or theft, damage, diversions

Licences and authorizations for rail, road or sea passenger transport services, scheduled passenger transports

Liability of travel and transport companies

Contractual or non-contractual litigation between carriers and airports, ports and stations

Finally, we also act in regard to European Union Law in the field of transport (especially sea transport): Litigation relating to State aid (article 107 TFEU), compliance with free movement rules (coastal navigation), passenger rights (compensation, liability, etc.) and technical safety standards (especially those introduced by the competent EU agencies).

We will advise you on the strategic choices to make and will assist you in any possible litigation.

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