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The LLJ employment practice is recommended in the 2021 Leaders League ranking
The LLJ employment practice is recommended in the 2021 Leaders League ranking
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Our social law department advises its clients in all aspects of labour law and social security law. We also represent our clients before labour courts.

We advise and act in defence of both employers and employees.

All of the lawyers in our department have followed a specialist training in both labour law and social security law. Our department is multilingual and assists its clients in Dutch, French, English and Italian.

We guarantee a results-oriented service, adjusted to the individual demands and needs of each client.

By preference, we seek negotiated settlements. We also prioritise social mediation.

Labour law

You can contact us with regard to any questions / disputes in relation to individual and collective labour law. We also have special experience on the subject of well-being at work and discrimination.

  • Individual labour law
    • Advice on, drawing up and negotiation of employment contracts
    • Specific employment situations: working from home, teleworking, sales representatives, contractual employees in the public sector, domestic work, etc.
    • Modification of employment conditions, breach of contract
    • Remuneration and optimisation: bonus, stock (options), warrants, etc.
    • Remuneration in the banking sector: variable pay, obligation to provide information, severance payments, etc.
    • Working time, part time, educational leave
    • Protected workers: prevention advisers, employee representatives, members of the works council or the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work, trade union representatives, etc.
    • Suspension of contract: maternity leave, time credit, parental leave, unpaid leave, annual leave, disability, adoption and foster care leave etc.
    • Termination of employment: dismissal with notice period or notice indemnity, calculation of indemnity in lieu of notice, dismissal for serious misconduct, termination by mutual agreement, end of career planning, unemployment with additional company benefit (SWT), outplacement, etc.
    • Motivation of dismissal: unreasonable dismissal, abuse of the right of dismissal, etc.
    • Competition during and after the employment agreement, unfair competition, non-competition indemnity
  • Collective labour law
    • Drawing up and implementation of work regulations
    • HR policies: company cars, cellphones, use of the internet and social media, intellectual property and protection of know-how, etc.
    • Bonus plans and cafeteria plans, salary optimisation
    • Restructuring: company closure, collective dismissals, transfer of companies
    • Social concertation: works council, Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work, trade union representation, negotiation and drawing up of collective labour agreements, etc.
    • Social elections, organisation, disputes, etc.
    • Social conflicts: work stoppages, strikes, sit-ins, etc.
  • Well-being at work, equal treatment and privacy
    • Harassment and inappropriate sexual behaviour at work
    • Discrimination: prevention, prohibitory injunction, damages, urgent measures, etc.
    • Burn-out, reintegration process
    • Industrial accidents and occupational diseases
    • Privacy and data protection: processing and transfer of personal data, GDPR, control of emails, geo-tracking, camera monitoring of the workplace, searches, etc.
  • Christiaan Delporte

Social security law

We advise our clients on the different aspects of social security law. We also defend our clients in disputes with the ONEM, ONSS, INASTI or any other public institution.

  • Social status: false self-employed, company directors, active partners, unpaid directors, etc.
  • Social status of members of the executive committee in the banking sector
  • Payment of expenses: fixed expenses, actual cost, disguised remuneration, etc.
  • Applicable social security scheme in the case of international employment
  • Unemployment, disability and pension
  • Recovery of social security contributions: demand, legal proceeding, exemption, etc.
  • Complementary social insurance: complementary individual or group insurance, hospitalisation insurance, free complementary pension, etc.
  • Christiaan Delporte

Criminal social law

In cooperation with the criminal law department, we handle all criminal aspects related to social law. We also assist our clients in relation to social inspection checks.

  • Social inspection: inspection visit, hearing, Salduz, etc.
  • Administrative fines and criminal prosecutions: undeclared work, prohibited posting of workers, breach of social security rules, failure to retain social documents, failure to publish timetables, no Dimona registration, etc.
  • Christiaan Delporte
  • Vincent Bodson

Workforce migration and work permits

We assist our clients in organising their international employment.

  • Advice on, drawing up and negotiation of international employment contracts
  • Secondment to or from abroad
  • Single work permits
  • Administrative procedures (Dimona, Limosa, etc.)
  • Christiaan Delporte

Public sector

In cooperation with the public and administrative law department, we advise both public authorities and contractual employees in the public sector.

  • Hiring and dismissal
  • Financial and administrative status
  • Reason for dismissal, prior interview
  • Disciplinary power
  • Holiday entitlements and disability
  • Modification of employment conditions
  • Christiaan Delporte
  • Jérôme Sohier
  • Manoël De Keukelaere

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